[UNPAID] Looking for various helpers


Welcome to the shoutbox, a fun place for quick chat with other members! For more discussion, join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/VGvsgyx
alexanderdoddy: Lots of advice, both here and in the discord channel. Check out the getting started thread which gives a lot a great info on... well... getting started May 5, 2019 23:50:00 GMT -8
C_Squint: Hi everyone, been on the VAC Discord for some time now. Finally made a VAC account. Been voicing for a few years prior to joining but I'm eager to keep working and improving my craft. Nice to meet you all! May 6, 2019 9:56:10 GMT -8
koban: Good evening May 10, 2019 20:49:00 GMT -8
quasarcinema: Recasting a role for my next Destiny Machinima "Maya". The role is "Agent Desmond Arthur". All details and contact information is here: voiceacting.boards.net/thread/3196/seeking-voice-actors-destiny-machinima May 19, 2019 4:55:59 GMT -8 *
Max_Woods: I'm looking for a bunch of people to help in the production of original and cover songs. Could be a group but right now it's a single singer: www.castingcall.club/projects/music-composer-needed-for-song-production May 19, 2019 13:09:25 GMT -8
logan: Oo, a shoutbox May 21, 2019 13:50:56 GMT -8
rsomh: Im looking for people for my sims 3 machinima series voiceacting.boards.net/thread/3319/casting-call-machinima-simwives-magnolia May 22, 2019 5:35:22 GMT -8
northbynorthwest: Hello! May 24, 2019 21:45:41 GMT -8
northbynorthwest: Are you still casting for this project? May 24, 2019 21:45:53 GMT -8
platinumfusi0n: Does anyone want to help on my series, Tails Gets Trolled: The Animated Adventure?! May 25, 2019 21:25:16 GMT -8
rsomh: yes im still casting May 26, 2019 19:03:12 GMT -8
jake: G'day folks, I'm currently casting for a MisfitsAudio production called 'Between The Lines' if anybody is interested. I had no idea these forums existed, I used to be super active on the Voice Acting Alliance way back when. May 28, 2019 9:26:23 GMT -8
juicychickenthighs: Hi yall May 28, 2019 18:48:31 GMT -8
jake: what a name aha May 29, 2019 8:00:13 GMT -8
gugie: Just signed up. Still not sure how to use the site. Gugie806@gmail.com for instructions Jun 1, 2019 14:03:42 GMT -8
Brittany Ann Phillips: Hey there, welcome! Be sure to check out the threads at the top of the page "Forum Rules and Information" to learn more about VAC and how we work. ^^ Jun 2, 2019 17:43:37 GMT -8
sleepingpegasus: Howdt Jun 7, 2019 15:23:06 GMT -8
try2epic: SUP Jun 9, 2019 13:44:44 GMT -8
lala: Hey fellow Voice actors, does anyone know how to set up the UAD apollo twin MKII with reaper? im getting some distortion when recording, could it be something to do with a match in the sample rate? latency? Im new to producing my own work, thanks! Jun 12, 2019 3:12:09 GMT -8
LadyStardust: I would ask in the #audio-and-tech channel on our Discord server! Jun 12, 2019 21:37:22 GMT -8