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I Am A(n): Aspiring Voice Actor, Animator, Artist
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Available for Scouting?: Yes - both paid & unpaid projects
(Just for Fun) Biggest Voice Acting Goals?: To be able to voice for my favorite video game companies like Nintendo, Sega, and Capcom, as well as my favorite anime companies such as Funimation and Viz Media.
also known as "Lanko".


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Harry Vance: If most anime work is supposed to be non-union, why do I see a bunch of anime productions like Madoka Magica where they have SAG-AFTRA talent in it? Is it that those anime productions I've seen are the exception to the rule or is there another reason? Jan 20, 2018 1:17:58 GMT 9.5
LadyStardust: A lot of actors have to do non-union work as well in order to pay the bills, since so many projects are going non-union these days (particularly anime and JRPGs). Techncially you're not *supposed* to but since stuff like dubbing is very low on SAG's priori Jan 20, 2018 15:33:56 GMT 9.5
LadyStardust: ty list to prosecute, most people don't get in trouble for it (although some use a fake name just to be safe0 Jan 20, 2018 15:34:10 GMT 9.5
LadyStardust: I've done a few union anime shows here and there but they are the exception not the norm, usually because they have to get or bring back an A-list voice actor. (you have to be a pretty big name to demand a show go union for you or else they'll just pick Jan 20, 2018 15:35:15 GMT 9.5
LadyStardust: someone else). Also a lot of anime is done in Texas which is a right-to-work state so they don't really have to worry about union stuff there. Jan 20, 2018 15:35:40 GMT 9.5
LadyStardust: If you're a high profile talent who works on prelay animation, Western games, and other much higher paying stuff, you may be able to survive on SAG-AFTRA work alone (or I believe for on-camera work, it's usually union anyway). But if the majority of stuff Jan 20, 2018 15:36:52 GMT 9.5
LadyStardust: you have the opportunity to audition for is anime and JRPGs, you kinda have to be willing to do non-u stuff or you're not going to work very often. Jan 20, 2018 15:37:11 GMT 9.5
LadyStardust: TBH there are a lot of projects out there that *should* be union, but aren't. high profile games etc. Jan 20, 2018 15:37:38 GMT 9.5