Etiquette for Interacting with Casting Directors


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ruwell: Hello! Name is Tony Ruwell, I used to do voice acting a few years ago before my kid was born. Looking to get back into it, excited to work with whoever wants to work with me! Aug 10, 2021 15:31:11 GMT -8
zaladfingers: Hello! As well with I, no kids though. I am getting back into it. I am a wildlife biologist with a passion for voice work. There might be a break in somewhere Aug 13, 2021 14:57:17 GMT -8
ooglyeye: My friend is looking for a voice actress for his project. Aug 16, 2021 12:22:38 GMT -8
21114169aa: Hi there every body Im a very creative and imaganitive indivisual with a flair for the arts i will be very and fun and interesting to become more better in the field Aug 17, 2021 14:20:49 GMT -8
21114169aa: hi there again guys im making my own website at the moment it will have various fun content on it eg episode's from my un scripted series Aug 17, 2021 14:58:19 GMT -8
jacobfilmmakez: hello shoutbox :) Aug 20, 2021 22:21:02 GMT -8
thegregg: Hey all, new here and newish to Voice over acting scene. Just saying hi! Aug 22, 2021 12:54:25 GMT -8
Kitsuné: Hey there, returning to voice acting after a vocal injury put an end to it for a number of years. It's nice to be part of an AVA community again. :) Aug 24, 2021 1:25:18 GMT -8
ChrisD: Welcome thegregg and Kitsune! Make yourselves at home and take a look at some of the casting calls. Hope your voice is doing alright Kitsune! Glad to see you overcoming an injury. Aug 24, 2021 1:48:43 GMT -8
raycvoice: Hi everybody! Great to be here. Looking forward to sharing VO with the community! Aug 31, 2021 14:32:40 GMT -8
rustycotton: Helloo Sept 5, 2021 9:49:55 GMT -8
alexboi: Good evening everyone, or day, night...ya know. Sept 5, 2021 17:59:36 GMT -8
ooglyeye: Hey, guys! Sept 6, 2021 14:14:46 GMT -8
rustycotton: Hello there! Sept 6, 2021 15:35:42 GMT -8
gugie806: How do I send an audition? Sept 14, 2021 9:08:00 GMT -8
tazvoiceovers: Hello everyone from taz to this beautiful community. Sept 16, 2021 7:43:56 GMT -8
harmonizer76: Hello. I'm a newby here and seeking advice on finding an affordable VO coach. I made a radio commercial years ago and want to get going again. I have some fairly good equipment and am seeking help getting a demo tape together. Thanks for suggestions. Sept 17, 2021 9:11:26 GMT -8
Rhaya: Hello World Sept 17, 2021 13:36:42 GMT -8
skulltap: YOOOOOO Sept 17, 2021 23:48:11 GMT -8
blossompf: Hey Sept 18, 2021 15:20:22 GMT -8