Do not cast roles before your deadline has passed. It's rude, and benefits no one.
Remember to HAVE a deadline for your audition thread. This is our most broken rule. A deadline is REQUIRED.
A well-formatted thread with good grammar will make people more likely to audition!
If you can, add images to your audition thread. It gives VAs a reference, as well as confidence in your project.
Remember to check out our tutorial section for all kinds of info and tips.
If you're good enough to land a paying role, you deserve to be paid! Don't lowball yourself!
Be polite and professional! You never know who's lurking these boards...
Join our Discord! We have lots of interesting conversations - you're missing out if you only stick to the board!
Read our rules carefully. We're a bit different to most forums.
The staff are very friendly! PM them if you have any problems or questions.
XLR mics are better than USB mics, but USB mics are fine to start with!
A lot of recent anime voice actors got their start online. You can make it, too!
Trust your gut when it comes to shady-looking casting calls. Not everyone has your best interest in mind.
You can report any threads which break the rules. The staff will handle it from there.
Once upon a time, Blue Yetis were considered cool to own.
Casting Call Club has projects which aren't posted here - be sure to check it out as well!
As for BTVA's casting section? Ehh... As a reference site for looking up professional VAs, though, it's quite good!
Voices dot com and other pay-to-play websites usually aren't a great idea, especially if you're just starting out.
You're in the USA and want to go pro? Burbank, CA for games and cartoons, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX for anime.

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Apr 21, 2019 1:42:45 GMT -8
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1 2 Hey guys! can you help Sub to my YouTube channel please
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