How do I get started in voice acting?


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bkindler: Oh, hello there! Jan 29, 2024 5:02:22 GMT -8
bulbakip21: Howdy! Feb 3, 2024 17:57:59 GMT -8
mikepaine: Just finished narrating an audiobook and I'm tired...time for some sleep! 8-) Feb 13, 2024 0:45:54 GMT -8
bulbakip21: Heyo Feb 13, 2024 10:42:03 GMT -8
blitz0432: does anybody want to voice an AI for my movie Feb 16, 2024 7:38:21 GMT -8
bulbakip21: The Vault of Spiders page is completely updated now. I really should've done that from the jump and that's my bad Feb 20, 2024 22:43:50 GMT -8
dustinfarronvo: Hello! Feb 24, 2024 15:15:13 GMT -8
skyeisland: Hello! Mar 5, 2024 22:18:08 GMT -8
ekaking: Hello Mar 5, 2024 23:55:52 GMT -8
ibthevoice: Hi, I'm interested in voicing for your movie Mar 20, 2024 8:52:01 GMT -8
zjk: Hey, I'm new here. I've been a freelance musician and mixing/mastering engineer and producer and figured I had all the gear for voice work so I might as well hop in. Looking forward to connecting! Mar 21, 2024 12:22:10 GMT -8
shirleyfan: Hey Everyone! I'm looking for both female and male VO artists for a GTA-inspired mobile game, recording on-site in LA. Please reach out to me if you're interested in auditioning and I'll send you the scripts and reference materials. Mar 25, 2024 20:52:19 GMT -8
lumis: Hey guys, new here. Been interested in getting my foot in the door within the Voice Acting/Voice Over community. I'm just starting out so I'm willing to do work and projects for free so please reach out if you're willing to give me a shot! Thank you! Mar 31, 2024 17:17:27 GMT -8
kangell344: Hello, Everyone I am a new female voice actress for video games trying to make first step in the community. I am willing to take part of projects so if you need someone please reach out to me. Thank you and have a wonderful day. :) Apr 2, 2024 11:24:37 GMT -8 *
bluebe4r: hi peoplez, Im a 13 year old girl who is looking for some voice acting for some video games. I recently starred as the lead female protagonist Wendy Darling at my school musical; Peter Pan Jr. I can also alter my voice and accent. Apr 4, 2024 15:21:33 GMT -8
clodsireking: Yo! I’m a male of 17 years with a voice somewhere between baritone and bass, leaning a little more towards bass. I’m willing to work for free, and can do several different accents. DM me if you’d like to hear somethin’! Apr 7, 2024 14:16:05 GMT -8
halfcourt: I'm a Voice Actor! Yes, let's speak it into existence. Looking for a Career change into something I'm more passionate about. What about you? If you would like to follow my journey check out my Tiktok and IG @courtneyspeaks_ Apr 11, 2024 7:13:58 GMT -8
pinkchick: hey and how are ya'll doing, I'm trying my luck as a voice actor, looking for casting calls for video games, unpaid projects are MORE than welcome. As for my voice, I can do different accents and pitches, DM to hear my demos and see ya later! Apr 16, 2024 8:14:10 GMT -8
landonmatthew: Hello everyone! I am a beginner voice actor looking to gain experience and exposure. I also create content for YouTube & TikTok. Apr 17, 2024 1:24:03 GMT -8
timmieslimmie: Hey guys! I'm a beginner voice actor trying to acquaint myself more with the community and industry! I've only voiced for a small part in a fanmade audio series so far and I am eager to do some more work! Apr 19, 2024 10:49:28 GMT -8
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